Steve Bockman is an Agile trainer and coach, Certified ScrumMaster and software developer who began his career in 1977 in a utility position, installing software packages for a manufacturer of business computers. Since then he has worked in the fields of speech recognition, terrain analysis, computer graphics, desktop publishing, industrial automation and web applications.
Steve’s first exposure to anything Agile occurred in 2000, but his involvement began in earnest in 2005 while participating in the development of a client/server application where changing requirements were part of the ground rules. Steve was responsible for introducing many Agile principles and practices to the project, and has been an Agile coach and innovator since that project’s inception.
As the founder of North Bay Agile, a special interest group dedicated to the pursuit and study of Agile software development in the San Francisco North Bay, Steve continually strives to communicate the essence of Agile principles and practices to novices and advanced practitioners. He has given presentations on estimation, test-driven development, pair programming and refactoring at North Bay Agile, BayXP, BayAPLN , BAADD, Agile Open California 2008, 2009 and 2010, the Agile2007 and Agile2008 conferences, and Agile Roots 2010.

Steve is also the originator of the Team Estimation Game, a technique for collaboratively estimating work effort.